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I am a software engineer at Neo4j working in the Clustering Team.

I completed my PhD in Computer Science at Newcastle University where I was part of the Scalable Computing Group and the Cloud Computing for Big Data Centre for Doctoral Training. My main research interest are distributed database systems, specifically the areas of transaction management and replication.

My undergraduate and masters degrees were completed at Lancaster University in Economics Mathematics and Statistics respectively. Outside of my research I enjoy playing football and I’m also a qualified CSIA Level 2 ski instructor.

I am also the host of Disseminate: The Computer Science Research Podcast a podcast featuring interviews with authors of the latest Computer Science papers. Listen on Spotify, Amazon, Google, YouTube and Apple.

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Mammoths Are Slow: The Overlooked Transactions of Graph Data
Audrey Cheng, Jack Waudby, Hugo Firth, Natacha Crooks, Ion Stoica. To Appear In: Proceedings of VLDB, 2024.

The LDBC Social Network Benchmark Interactive Workload v2: A Transactional Graph Query Benchmark with Deep Delete Operations
David Püroja, Jack Waudby, Peter Boncz, Gábor Szárnyas. Proceedings of TPCTC@VLDB, 2023.

The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC): Driving competition and collaboration in the graph data management space
Gábor Szárnyas, Brad Bebee, Altan Birler, Alin Deutsch, George Fletcher, Henry A. Gabb, Denise Gosnell, Alastair Green, Zhihui Guo, Keith W. Hare, Jan Hidders, Alexandru Iosup, Atanas Kiryakov, Tomas Kovatchev, Xinsheng Li, Leonid Libkin, Heng Lin, Xiaojian Luo, Arnau Prat-Pérez, David Püroja, Shipeng Q, Oskar van Rest, Benjamin A. Steer, Dávid Szakállas, Bing Tong, Jack Waudby, Mingxi Wu, Bin Yang, Wenyuan Yu, Chen Zhang, Jason Zhang, Yan Zhou, Peter Boncz. Proceedings of TPCTC@VLDB, 2023.

High Performance Concurrency Control and Commit Protocols in OLTP Databases
Jack Waudby. PhD Thesis, 2023.

The LDBC Social Network Benchmark: Business Intelligence Workload
Gábor Szárnyas, Jack Waudby, Benjamin A. Steer, Dávid Szakállas, Altan Birler, Mingxi Wu, Yuchen Zhang, Peter Boncz. Proceedings of VLDB, 2023.

Pick & Mix Isolation Levels: Mixed Serialization Graph Testing
Jack Waudby, Paul Ezhilchelvan, Jim Webber. Proceedings of TPCTC@VLDB, 2022.
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High Performance Mixed Graph-Based Concurrency Control
Jack Waudby. Proceedings of VLDB PhD Workshop, 2022.
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A Performance Study of Epoch-based Commit Protocols in Distributed OLTP Databases
Jack Waudby, Paul Ezhilchelvan, Isi Mitrani, Jim Webber. Proceedings of SRDS, 2022.
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LSQB: A Large-Scale Subgraph Query Benchmark
Amine Mhedhbi, Matteo Lissandrini, Laurens Kuiper, Jack Waudby, Gábor Szárnyas. Proceedings of GRADES-NDA@SIGMOD, 2021.

Towards Testing ACID Compliance in the LDBC Social Network Benchmark
Jack Waudby, Benjamin A. Steer, Karim Karimov, József Marton, Peter Boncz, Gábor Szárnyas. Proceedings of TPCTC@VLDB, 2020.
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Supporting Dynamic Graphs and Temporal Entity Deletions in the LDBC Social Network Benchmark’s Data Generator
Jack Waudby, Benjamin A. Steer, Arnau Prat-Pérez, Gábor Szárnyas. Proceedings of GRADES-NDA@SIGMOD, 2020.

Preserving Reciprocal Consistency in Distributed Graph Databases
Jack Waudby, Paul Ezhilchelvan, Jim Webber, Isi Mitrani. Proceedings of PaPoC@EuroSys, 2020.
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Design and Evaluation of an Edge Concurrency Control Protocol for Distributed Graph Databases
Paul Ezhilchelvan, Isi Mitrani, Jack Waudby, Jim Webber. European Workshop on Performance Engineering, 2019.
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The LDBC Social Network Benchmark
Renzo Angles, János Benjamin Antal, Alex Averbuch, Peter Boncz, Orri Erling, Andrey Gubichev, Vlad Haprian, Moritz Kaufmann, Josep Lluís Larriba Pey, Norbert Martínez, József Marton, Marcus Paradies, Minh-Duc Pham, Arnau Prat-Pérez, Mirko Spasić, Benjamin A. Steer, Gábor Szárnyas, Jack Waudby. CoRR abs/2001.02299, 2020.


Placed 2nd in Newcastle University School of Computing PhD Poster Competition. Corruption in Distributed Graph Databases, 2019.

Tessella Industrial Prize for Best Computational MSc Statistics project, 2016.